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We have extensive experience in preparing business valuations. We focus on helping you understand the value of your business beyond just the value of your hard assets. We utilize our broad experience over a range of industries and our real world experience in the business marketplace to provide you with realistic and substantiated business valuations. Our work adheres to well-recognized professional standards and ethics. We conduct our efforts with thorough due diligence, confidentiality and attention to service.

Our valuations are used for such things as:

  • Business Sales
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Stockholder Buyouts
  • Succession Planning
  • Management and Employee Compensation
  • Estate Tax Planning
  • Gift Tax Planning
  • General Tax Planning and Asset Allocation
  • Key Man Insurance
  • Divorce Matters

Also, if you are considering the wind down of your business, as opposed to a sale, we can you help in assessing the value of your business on an orderly or forced liquidation basis.


Our expertise is in valuing your business. We do not profess to be experts in how to value real estate or machinery and equipment. Most of the time, real estate is separately owned and not part of the business valuation process. However, when a comprehensive business valuation involves significant real estate holdings, or large quantities of valuable machinery and equipment, we utilize the services of well-recognized industry experts to supplement our business valuations. By utilizing the services of these outside experts when necessary we can provide you with comprehensive valuation service that covers all your valuation needs.


A business can be the most valuable asset that you own. The primary reason that most people own a business, beyond having a job, is to create wealth. You do that by working over time to increase the value of your business. As such it makes prudent financial sense to know its value and to monitor that value on a regular basis. Our Benchmarking service helps you understand whether your increase in sales, or your investment in capital equipment, really increased the value of your business.

Our Benchmarking service is a simple and cost effective way for business owners to track the value of your business, be it for financial planning purposes, insurance purposes or other business reasons. The process is simple and is based on a three year repeating cycle:

  • Year 1 – Conduct a full business valuation
  • Year 2 – Perform an updated abbreviated business value assessment
  • Year 3 – Perform an updated abbreviated business value assessment

A full business valuation in year one provides us with the core information we need to provide relevant and cost effective updates in years 2 and 3. Utilizing the same techniques and valuation expertise of our firm from year to year ensures a consistent and realistic approach to providing you with timely business value updates. It clearly makes sense to monitor the value of your most important asset. Every year more of our clients engage us to Benchmark their business on an annual basis.

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A business can be a person's most valuable asset. However, most people know more about the value of their house or antique collection than they do about the value of their business. That is why we developed our Benchmarking service. This service will update them every year as to whether they simply increased sales last year or really added to the value of their business.