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There are times when a business needs additional expertise to help manage its financial affairs. The need might be based on a particular project, a particular phase in the financial life cycle of the business or simply related to an on-going management requirement. For example:

  • Crisis Management - Your business may be struggling with issues related to cash flow, supplier deliveries and bank lending. As such you may need temporary help from a financial professional experienced in such matters until your issues are resolved.

  • Specific Project - Your business may be looking to secure a lending arrangement with a new bank. In this case your staff may not have time to put together the lending proposal that includes a source and use of funds statement, historical financial data, business plan and financial projections. A temporary financial professional can help fill your resource gap.

  • Interim Position - Your company may have had a your senior financial person leave. The business may require some one to assume part of that person's duty while you sort out the type of new person you want to hire, find them, interview them and employ them. An interim financial professional can fill that void.

  • Ongoing Part-Time Advisor - Your business may not be big enough and/or complicated enough to merit a high level full-time CFO. However it does require frequent strategic oversight, general financial planning and basic business oversight beyond the scope of ability of your current staff. Our interim CFO service can help fill that gap by working with you on a part-time basis; be it weekly, bi-weekly or monthly to help provide the higher level of financial expertise your business needs to grow without the full-time expense.


  • CFO/Technical Services Company - Ongoing engagement. During first 3 years business grew from $0 - $3.5M in annual revenues. Established finance and accounting function, secured required insurances and obtained line of credit and term loan financing.

  • CFO/Event and Product Promotion Company - Worked with client during change in financial management. Established company budget process and business planning, secured new lending arrangement and helped management expand into new markets.

  • Director of Finance/Aerospace Manufacturer - Assisted management team of publicly traded NYSE Company to proactively prepare for projected industry downturn, worked to help implement and monitor expense reduction plans, helped stabilize quarterly earnings prior to acquisition of company.

Our interim CFO services are provided on a sub-contractor basis, which means there are no employee benefits or payroll taxes to be paid by your company. We are prepared to work daily, weekly or monthly based on whatever service meets your needs and budget. We will be glad to discuss your staffing need with you. If we can help bring value to your business we will be glad to do so. If we cannot help we will tell you that too. We measure our success by your success.

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Using the services of an interim CFO or experienced senior financial professional can be a very cost effective solution for a business with a specific identifiable need. Our hourly and/or daily rates are higher than a full time employee. However, under the sub-contractor arrangement there are no employee benefits or taxes. Our mission is usually well defined and easily monitored. If you do not feel you are receiving value for your money you can terminate the engagement at any time without concern for layoff procedures or post separation payments. Utilizing an experienced interim financial executive for a specific task, for a specific period of time at a known cost can be a very cost effective solution to your business needs.