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Our strategic consulting services are designed to help you determine your strategic focus, assess the current value of your company and develop strategic initiatives to maximize this value, immediately or over time.

We utilize our services and expertise in combination with you to improve the value of your business during the engagement period. The same skills that we use during our corporate renewal programs, interim CFO engagements and business brokerage assignments can be brought to bear on your business to help you take your company in whichever direction you chose to go.


We have five basic steps to our program designed to help you understand, improve and realize the value of your business.

  • Value Foundation - Your business has a certain value to it at the start of the engagement. We call this your Value Foundation. We review basic financial information in order to gauge an initial sense of value that we can use to guide us during the engagement.

  • Strategic Focus Session - We meet with you for an hour-long session to help you chart your business and professional goals and to understand the strategic strengths and weaknesses of your business. After the session you will receive a written analysis that outlines your goals, and your business strengths, opportunities and challenges.

  • Value Assessment - We begin with a business valuation in order to determine our benchmark value for improved performance. We then conduct an evaluation of your operations, organization and management so we can identify critical areas of business performance that require improvement to increase the value of your business. We provide a list of specific suggestions for improving your business based on the results of this evaluation.

  • Value Improvement - Based on the results of our Strategic Focus Session and Value Assessment we meet with you to determine the next course of action.
    • Implement the Value Assessment recommendations designed to improve profitability, cash flow, business appeal and over all value, or;
    • Implement the Value Realization program in order to sell the business and maximize value.

  • Value Realization - When you decide that your Company is poised to realize its maximum value we work you to with plan your exit strategy and sell your business. We are highly skilled in the Value Realization process and have extensive experience in representing the owners of privately held companies in confidentially marketing their businesses nationwide. We utilize our business brokerage expertise described elsewhere on this website to secure the value that you have earned through your hard work and diligent effort over time. Throughout the process, we work closely with you and your legal and financial advisors toward the realization of your desired exit strategy.

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Sometimes a business is ready to be sold as is, either because the owner has managed it to full value or because extenuating circumstances require that the Value Realization effort start now. There are also times when a prudent owner can prepare for the sale in an organized and deliberate manner that allows him or her to generate the maximum value possible for the business while getting their personal goals organized and implemented. Our Strategic Consulting Services are designed to help those business owners who have the time and discipline to plan ahead.