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We have over 25 years of experience helping business owners and their companies deal with turnaround issues and renew the value of their business. These services can be performed on a consulting basis or on an interim CFO assignment. Our engagements frequently include other services described on this website such as valuations and business sales. Here are some examples of how we can help your distressed or underperforming business:

  • Crisis Management - Perhaps you are in a situation where you are in default on your bank loan, suppliers have stopped deliveries, the electric company is threatening to cut off power and cash is scarce. We can help you establish first order priorities, negotiate with your creditors to get raw materials and services restored and develop a detailed cash flow program to sustain these vital functions.

  • Business Assessment - After your business is stabilized, and often at the same time, we work with you to conduct a business viability assessment. The process helps to identify the cause of your current underperformance, looks at products, processes, plants etc that are working and should be nurtured and looks at ways to cut expenses and improve operating efficiencies. The purpose of the assessment is to bring the business to cash flow positive and map a way to sustained profitability.

  • Replacement Financing - Frequently a business in distress will have to deal with lender fatigue, whereby your current bank wants to be repaid and replaced with a new bank. This can be the result of prolonged business problems that have gone uncorrected or be a short-term issue brought about by a change in portfolio direction by your lender. We have experience in determining the kind of financing you need and the know-how to put together a financing proposal that can attract a replacement lender. We also have extensive contacts in the lending community and can help you structure, negotiate and close a refinancing deal.

  • Business Sale - Sometimes it is the business owner who suffers from business fatigue. Occasionally the owner either lacks the resources, energy or will to rebuild the business. In this case we can use our business brokerage experience to sell the business as part of a strategy to settle your business debts with creditors. We can help the owner negotiate these settlements and other issues, such as collateral, that might be associated with the sale of company.

  • Orderly Wind Down - On rare occasions a business is so badly distressed that a successful turnaround or refinancing is not possible. Sometimes even a sale cannot be done successfully. In these cases we can help you with an orderly wind down of the business whereby cash and receivables are collected, inventory, machinery and equipment and other assets are sold or converted to cash and the total proceeds are used to settle the debts of the business. Here again we can work with you to negotiate the wind down budget, asset conversion process and settlement amounts with your lenders and creditors.


  • Consultant/Precision Alignment Service Company - Worked with Company management to restore profitability, find new CFO and obtain new replacement bank lender.

  • Consultant/Specialty Knitting Company - Worked with Company management to improve operating efficiencies, find new Controller, revamp product-costing system and obtain new replacement lender.

  • CFO and GM/Recycled Paper Mill - Assisted in sale of money losing business to strong acquirer in related business, remained with new Company as GM, successfully worked to acquire new equipment, improve plant maintenance, deal with union and reverse significant prior year loss.

  • CFO/Plastic Bottle Manufacturer - Worked with management to improve operating efficiencies, reduce expenses, implement budget and product costing improvements and successfully sell company.

Most of our turnaround engagements have been performed on behalf of our clients on a consulting or interim CFO basis. From time to time we have performed other services related to distressed businesses. These include:

  • Receiver in Federal Court
  • Assignee for the Benefit of Creditors
  • Bankruptcy Court Examiner

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Most turnaround experts such as bankers, attorneys and consultants all agree that the single biggest reason why a business fails to successfully recover is that the owner waits too long to get help. Business owners are by nature optimistic and hard charging. These traits can blind them to the to the fact that their business dynamic has changed and they need to make a significant change in the management of their business. Most business problems are not fatal if identified and dealt with while financial resources still exist to do so. An experienced, impartial outside expert can help identify the core problem(s), recommend solutions and help implement them effectively.